9th January 2021

Good Morning Witch’s!

It’s ducking cold! I love caravan living, but in this weather roll on the warm days! When all I need is a pair of shorts and a Tee, rather than layers of woolies and thick socks

Well are you over your festive buzz? We’ve just had the first week back at work and kids at school – well partly at school, but this is not a political blog, and my thoughts on child care are more Victorian than 21st century. But I digress.

So what happens next? Well despite a busy fist week back at work I have started to look at Imbolc things and have a rough idea of what the session is about. Looking around at the natural world, you’d think that life is still in hibernation, nothing seems to be growing and very few animals are out and about. While that is true, if you look the blubs have started to come up, the primrose’s in the woods have started to turn green and put on new leaf’s for the spring show. So what does that mean for us witch’s?

Yule is all about saying good bye to the things that no longer serve us. Imbolc is about getting ready to hit the ground running as soon as the Sun starts to warm up the earth again. It’s the time to start setting your intentions for the year and to start planning what needs to be done, what improvements you want to make and what Magik you can use to make that happen. But to make way for the new you have to make sure that the old has gone. You can do this at Imbolc with a symbolic house clean, yep the good old spring clean, you can turn out cupboards and draws, go through the panty and check the use by dates on those tin’s that have been lurking at the back of the shelve since Noah parked the Ark, and you can clean down your Altar and give it a good smudging and re-arrange. This week we have a New moon on Wednesday so that would be a perfect time to do that bit.

Also, as I think about it, be open to re-examining your Tarot meanings. This came about because I was looking at my morning spread one day during the week and I was drawn in particular to the 2 of Swards. Now ever since my training days I’ve always read the 2ofS as a kind of can’t see, indecisive, kind of card. (it’s also the card for the Bi-sexual gentleman) But I’m now also adding to my definition that it can also be read as a place holder, particularly if your waiting for someone else to open there eye’s and see what is in front of them, as well as yourself. It is very much a open your eyes and have a proper look. Don’t be restricted by custom or perceived way of doing things. It’s good to keep an eye out for new ways of looking at things. One thing we witch’s have always been good at is snapping at the heels of the establishment and questioning the way things are done.

Have a blessed week, catch your laters witch’s

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