2nd January 2021

May the Goddess bless all delivery drivers! My Christmas haul of books have arrived! Really good going as I wasn’t expecting them for another week or so.

It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their book shelves. These days you’d need access to my kindle as well, but that will just tell you that I love a good trashy gay romance story. My Witch shelf is the intresting one. And these little wonder’s will add to it very nicely. But why books on Pagan prayer and Ritual? Whitest it’s true that every witch’s path is her own, some just do Magik, some are eco warriors, some are Coven groupies. This year I have decided to add to my Ritual and spiritual side to my Craft. I’ve never paid that much attention to the Wheel of the year before, acknowledging that its a “thing” and doing mostly candle Rituals to honour them but that’s about all. Concentrating on moon cycles and moon rituals more than wheel of the year. Since Mabon last year when our little group of Witch’s meet up for the first time, I’ve been wanting to add to this side of my Craft. This Imbolc I get to lead the on-line get together, so it’s time to do some study and embrace this side of my Craft.

Coming from the Monastic background that I do, i’m used to the High Church way of doing things, lots of robes, candles, incense and long winded prayers. So I need an understanding of how other Pagans do things. And because I don’t know I need to learn. So I let Amazon and the Goddess guide me and with my Christmas Amazon voucher I went shopping and got this little lot. Also remember that Google is your friend so I’ll be hunting down blogs and resource material from the interweb. Hopefully by the end of January I’ll have enough to pull together somthing that is a good interpterion of the Festival. And along the way I know I’ll pick up bits and peace’s that I can use in my daily life. I already have a morning prayer that I use daily, thanking the Goddess for her guidance and for watching over me.

If a daily prayer life seems a bit to “Christian” for you, just remember that most of what they do, they nicked from our ancestors, so we where properly doing it first.

Just a quick on this week, it’s that muh time between the holidays and getting back in to the full swing of daily routine and work. Keep safe, wear your mask when your out and wash those hand’s

Laters witch’s

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  1. Rachael says:

    Oooh! The pagan book of days! Want to know if that’s and good! 😍

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