19th December 2020

Good Morning Witch’s! Ok first off this week I’m going to have a little rant. One of my pet peeve’s on the world of social media (more of FB then others) are members of a group, usually new members, who’s first comment’s are….”I’m new to the path, what does it mean?……I’m a newbie how do I get started……I’m new to the group I don’t understand the OP?”

Well, my darlings as much as we welcome you on to the Path of Witchcraft the first thing you’ll gonna have to learn is how to study. Read books, read blogs, read on-line material (or content as I believe it’s called these days). I wouldn’t bother looking at you-tube vids, most of those have another purpose – give me your money. When I first started out on my own path all those years ago, the first thing I did, indeed the thing that sent me off was reading books. Like any skill you have to do the book learning as well as the practical.

Unlike modern school teaching, there are no multi chose exams, it’s all hard work and long essay writing. It’s not all on-line, you’ll have to go hunting for the books you need. Although Amazon is a good friend for most of them.

Depending on which way your path takes you, if you decided to include your craft in to your spiritual life and give it “Religion” status then there is a how load more on top of how to craft the perfect circle and cast the most wonderful spell.

So why do I get pissed off with the Newbies in the on-line groups? Because it show’s a lack of a willingness to learn. It’s like they want everything handed to them, without having done the ground work themselves. No matter what you build, without the ground work before hand, it will come crumbling down.

Rant over!

Well here in the UK it’s the 19th so only 2 days to go before the Blessed night of Yule. I’m really excited this year as I’ve planned ahead – not somthing I’m usually good at – and have enough candles ready to bless tomorrow for use of Monday. I have a good idea of the ritual I want to use and because it’s also Winter Solstice I know what Workings I want to do! I’ve even made some gifts to leave out in the woods for the Goddess! Now I’m never this organised normally. Usually it’s a 2 day rush before hand, using what ever I have in at that moment, so I’m well pleased with myself this year.

What ever your doing for Yule, planned or made up on the spot, I hope you have a wonderful day and praise the Goddess and Welcome the return of the The Lord.

Have a blessed week, catch you laters witch’s

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  1. Hey! Great points; I would really love to see a reading list of blogs or books which you found helpful when you were first starting out! Think if you are new to the path or not, that would be fascinating!

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