12 December 2020

Good morning witch’s!

Hope you’ve all had a blessed week. I’m knackered (old English meaning physically tiered). To be honest I’ve not been sleeping well these last few nights and i think today it’s going to catch up with me. I’ve had the week off work and it could be that I’ve not been as physically active as I would be normally or I’m stressed up to the Ying yang. But as always when I’m stressed, I’m usually the last person to know why. Change of routine and the busyness leading up to Yule and the Mundane (slang term meaning non magikal folk) Christmas. So tonight when I head for my bath I’ll be slinging in a load of Lavender some rock salt and when I go to bed, it’ll be drops of lavender oil on the pillow and see if I can get a restful nights sleep.

Now when I use herbs in the bath I always pop them in to a bit of muslin and tie it around the bath taps, I hate having bits of plant floating around in my bath water and it saves cleaning up the mess the next day. Try getting a hand full of sodden rose petals out of plug hole that’s blocked and you’ll start doing the same!

But despite my stress I’ve had a good week. I’ve finished off making the few home made Christmas cards that I send. I always make home made ones. It’s the thought and intention behind it that makes them special, it’s also how to make your spells work better. Thought and intention! Ive nearly finished making and parcelling up the box I’ll be sending up to family, up in the north.

I’ve finished my Yule display as well.

So I’ve had a productive week.

The kind of planning and thought that you put in to making your Yule / Christmas celebrants special is exactly the kind of energy you need to be putting into your spell work and Rituals. It’s not the tools you use or the ingredients that make the spell, although they do help big time, the power of the witch comes from within. It’s not how many pigs in blankets you have ready to go in to the oven, or did you get the present to send to great aunt Dorothy in the care home, these aren’t the things that make make Christmas. It’s the thought and intention behind it that counts

Have a blessed week, talk to you later Witches!

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  1. love the decorations; we are crafting here for the next few days! 🙂

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