5th December 2020

Morning Witch’s!

If you haven’t already, then it’s time to start planning for Yule and the Winter Solstice. Tradition is that this is when The Lord was reborn and light and warmth came back to the world. From the Solstice on the days start to get longer and warmer as we lead up to Spring and summer again. It’s the return of warmth, hope, life, as the Icey grip of winter starts fade away. The Lord is on his way back to be reunited with the Goddess

So it was a no brainer for the yearly church to use this time to mark the birth of it’s own Saving Grace…..little babe jesus in his stable….as always they knicked it from us, in there mission to control the great unwashed and get power and money from the higher ups. You’d have thought that 2020 years later they would change the game up a little as we’ve seen through it now, thank you Your Holyness. Anyway I’m not going in to a Christian bashing blog, it’s part of my journey and my heritage and I honour it, however irreverently I do it these days.

For those that know me, will know I’ve been bashing the Western Commercial Christmas over the head with a big bit of 2 by 4 for a long time. It’s not what the season is about for us Witches or indeed those who remain true to the Christian message. So it’s about time we stopped the annual mad rushing of buying gifts and seeing family that we hate etc etc. Although thanks to Miss Corona, there shouldn’t be a lot of family visit’s this year, more fool those that do head out to see your 2nd cousin from the arse end of nowheresville just because it’s family tradition.

This time of year is held for us witches as a time to let go of the things that no longer serve, to allow them to die in the cold of winter, out in the snow and ice where no one will find the body till the spring thaw. I’m not suggesting you go that far, that would be illegal in most countries…..you have to give them a proper burial apparently, a bin bag in shallow grave in the woods isn’t seen as Cricket over here in the UK….but the message is the same. What ever you have worked out that doesn’t work for you any more needs to go. So if you wanna lose those pounds and change your mind set about your eating habits, drop the booze, give up the cigs, drop a part of your spiritual practice, finally give the middle finger to the wankers you work for, now is the time to start thinking off how it can be done and setting up Magikal workings to support you in that. Don’t forget the non-magikal workings too. Set up your action plans, your journal workings and get on with it girl. Now’s the time to hitch up your knickers and finally kick that useless lump of negative to the side of the road.

As some of you might have seen on the insta post’s I’ve started on the Yule crafting makes. This year I’m letting go of the “christmas” tinsel and paper chains of my youth and going for a more Yule inspired decorating. Lots of wood, green, red, ribbons and yes nearer the time I’ll be foraging some ever green tree bits from the local woods. Those that have already fallen to the ground rather then hacking bits off the lovely Holly trees we have locally.

Other then that it’s been a positive week here in the caravan. The spell jar is working it’s magik in ways I’d not seen…..it’s always the way, The Goddess will respond to your Magikal workings, but in the way she see is best, not the way you might always hope, so I’ll keep feeding that. I’m off work for the next week, using up my annual leave and I’ve got lots of things planned to do. Including another Centre of Excellence course. This one is for fun, rather then to learn somthing new.

Have a blessed week

Talk to you laters Witches

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