28th November 2020

Good morning witch’s!

The latest addition to tools. I’m calling it my Cleansweep MK1, with a little nod to Harry Potter. It needs it’s twigs trimming to get a better take off speed and prevent drag but so far all is well.

Why the hell would I want a broom ( also called a besom). Well I think I’m right in saying that tradition has it as one of the few masculine / male symbols in modern witchcraft. Why so? It’s not hard to see really. In the research that I’ve done so far, it’s claimed that for a witch to be able to fly she would use herbs and potions. One of the ways to get those in to her body, rather that eating or drinking was to put them to on to the handle of her broom and insert it in her “down belows” It’s one way of flying high I guess and this is well before Geoff Stryker and the Rampant Rabbit came in to being. I guess that some of the more open minded male witch’s might have done the same thing. It’s one of those things not really given much space in the written history that we have.

Anyway, the broom is connected to the Air Element and is good for weather spells and all over things connected to Air. Plus I just like the idea that even a modern witch can have a old broom in the corner of the house.

Apart from that it’s been an intresting week. I think the spell from New Moon may have back fired on me. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a spell go bang in such away. I’ll now for sure in the next couple of days as we head up to the full moon, which for those of us in the UK is this coming Monday. As I made Moon Water last Full moon I don’t have to do it again just now. I keep mine in the fridge and do it every 3 – 4 months, just so I’ve got some in when I need it. So this Full moon it will be blessing of the broom, charging the crystals and calling on my Moon Goddess to help me through the next couple of weeks. If my spell has gone bang then I’ll be burning and disposing of the contents of the spell jar. I’ve got a favourite cross roads that I leave my used spells and candle wax etc at for the energy to be taken down to earth safely. Why a crossroads? Cause it gives the energy options in which way to be taken. Like all things in Witchcraft it’s symbolic, in this case allowing the energy to go back to the elements in the best way it can.

Have a blessed week and talk to you all soon. Laters Witches!

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  1. While studying alehouses for my dissertation I discovered that if a household had ale to sell to travellers they hung a broom outside their houses. Brewing was woman’s work and provided income for widowed and single woman. You can see how being drunk or high became linked to potions made by women and broomsticks.

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