21st November 2020

What’s up Witch’s !

This week has well and truly been a Ground Hog week. When you feel destined to live the same day over and over and over again. Sleep, work, eat, repeat. We’re in-between Moons, it’s to early to tell if the Spell’s you cast at New Moon have had any effect, especially if like me you cast a long term spell this past New Moon. It’s to early to tell, but I’m seeing little signs that it’s working. It’s one of those spells that only time will tell. But it’s important to keep long term spells on a gentle simmer and remember to keep feeding them over time. I’ll save the subject of Spell jars for another day but I’m kinda pleased with the progress of this one so far, even if it’s taking it’s time to get going.

Anyway, so this week it’s been a week of just getting through the daily routine and keeping going. On a mental health note, I know it’s good to have solid routines and regular patterns of doing stuff. But this week it’s kinda ground me down a little and I’ve found myself really wanting to change this up a little. Not much, nothing major, just perhaps go for a coffee and have mooch around the shops. Things I only do once in a while but in Lockdown part 2, I can’t even do that and it’s had an effect this week. When I’m feeling like this then usually a little bit of retail therapy is what’s called for. And I mean getting out to the shops, not spending hours trawling ebay for somthing unique. I guess it’s hitting harder this time round, lockdown that is, cause it’s getting darker and colder and the chances to get out are fewer at this time of year. I just hope that it has the effect that’s needed.

So this week I have rediscovered the power of Adam Lambert and Queen at the Isle of Wight festival, that boy can sing! And I’ve discovered Momma Michelle (Miss Michelle Visage for those of you not in to RuPaul’s drag race / Strictly or any of the other things she’s popped up in) singing O Holy Night. I’ve heard better but there is somthing about her version that has stuck in my mind. It’s been added to my playlist on my phone.

Also I’ve been having thoughts about the whole festive session coming up. This year I have decided to place my focus on Yule rather that Christmas. It’s about time I took a stand on this. Back in the old days, when I was wear a Habit and doing the whole Monk thing, Advent and Christmas where the most special of times. Since leaving the monastery, I’ve always bulked at the commercial Christmas and in recent years have gained a rep as a Grinch. So I’m dumping the whole thing completely. And this year my who “Festive” session will be based around Yule and the Winter Solstice. How it’s going to look and what I’ll do is all in planning stages at the moment but I’ll share as I know more.

Have a good, blessed week and see you later witches!

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