14th November 2020

It’s been an interesting week here at WBW, if a little bit of a frustrating one.

First off a bit of news. Racheal and I (that’s proper English that is) have started to pull together the first of the 2021 workshops. As with this year, to start of with anyway all workshops will be on line rather than face to face, we have to do our bit to keep the nasty germs from spreading, I’m really pleased with the way this workshop is shaping up, it’s one that we’ve promised to do many times but never got round to doing. Full details will go up when we’ve completed the work books.

Its been frustrating because, just for once I’ve planned ahead and have in mind a little bit of spell work to do on this weekends New Moon. So I’ve been making sure that I’ve got all the ingredients that I need. I’m still waiting on the Post office to drop off a parcel with the candles I need, it’s Saturday morning as I write this so the chances are they aren’t going to get here for tomorrow. But never fear, if nothing else us witch’s are resourceful, if they don’t get here in time I have spares in that will do just as well. I’ll just have to top the spell up when they do arrive. It’ll still work just as well.

First week of lockdown Mark 2. Not that you would notice with the traffic on the way to work each morning being at just about normal level. Oh the happy days in lockdown 1 when I could just sail in to work of a morning, In cause any of yours are wondering why I’m traveling in to work, I’m a Key Work and I have the necessary letters to prove it in case I get stopped, not that the local police would bother themselves with such a meaningless task. They might have to put their coffee cups down for longer then 5 minutes.

I hope some of you have noticed that I’ve managed to post something every day on Instagram. Big step forward for me as I usually forget, it’s my age. 47 years old and if I get everything on my mental shopping list when I go it’s a good day. Anyways, as part of the effort to update, improve and spread the message of Witchcraft, especially for us gay male members of the Craft, it’s important to keep things going up on social media. It’s a crap job but it needs to be done to get the word out that witch’s ent all female and some of us that ent like cock.

I’m going to go and lay in wait for the post person (gender neutral!) and see if they cough up my candles from the inside of the van

Laters witch’s, have a blessed week xx

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