Samhain, what it means to me

I love the start of winter, I look forward to the first time I have to scrap the car windscreen after the first frost. The chill of the first frosty morning. When way the most hangs in the valley with the smoke and vapour coming from the cottages in the village. The trees take on there winter dress, cobwebs stand out in silver against the ever greens. Love it

For me Samhain is very much about honouring the ancestors, those who have gone before us and laid the foundation stones for us

I spend a lot of time at this time of year honouring the members of my family who have already passed over to the next world. Giving thanks to the Goddess for the things they taught me, for the love they shared with me and for watching over me.

I’m lucky that those who have taught me on my witch path and in my Psychic path are still with us, but as those start to return home they will be added to the celebration of love at this time of the year. Although this year we did lose Derek Acorah. Although I did bump in to him a couple of times over the years and I’ve read all of his books, I wouldn’t say I knew him. But I’m still grateful for all he taught.

I also thank the Goddess for those who went before me on the queer path. Although we have come a long way along the path of acceptance, homophobia is still lurking in this world. Part of being a modern witch is to expand the boundaries of our craft and to improve life for those who come after us.

The work we do now makes the path better for those little witch’s that follow us, as those who went before us did for us

Never be ashamed to speak your truth, to put it out there. It will help someone along the way

So Samhain for me is very much a time to remember those who have gone both family and those who have, by being true to themselves, have helped make my path a little smoother and easier to navigate

Blessed be

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