Samhain 2020

Hope you all had adventures evenings last night. My day had a quiet start with a lovely walk in the country side around the area. Starting off in a local graveyard

I headed off up to our local holy well. Before the early church got their sticky little mites in it, the week was dedicated to the Goddess. I like to come here to get some water for moon water, which I made last night under the full moon. It’s nice to see the well used and with the amount of offerings and momentous on the well at the moment it looks like it’s being well used

A quick turn around and head out in to the local country side towards the river Kennet. I love walking down this way, a path I first walked about 45 years ago as it’s close to my grandmothers house and this was a favourite walk when she had visitors staying

Complete with puddles to jump in

Being out in nature and just being in the energy is an important part of my practice. It grounds me and gives me that sense on inner peace and quiet that is hard to get in this modern world of rush and noise. Walking keeps me connected to the Goddess and to her creation. It’s just fun for me as well as being good for the Health. I try to get out in to the country most days if it’s not pissing it down with rain.

I was joined in my river contemplation by another walkers dog.

Being beside any water is a chance to sit and contemplate life, and I loved that I was joined for a while by another walkers dog. Watching him grow his dogs ball and the joy the dog had jumping in from the bridge to get it. Gave me a chance to think about the dogs I’ve had in the past and remember walking down here with them over the years. Perhaps when life isn’t so busy I’ll get another one, I do miss having a dog.

So that was may Samhain day, topped off with watching Strictly, a Bath and lighting candles to honour the Ancestors 3. What I collectively call my grandparents, all off who have now passed on to the next world. Why 3? My maternal Grandfather died before I was born so I include him with granny’s candle.

Samhain is traditionally a time of death and endings, This year we lost one more of my uncles to cancer. So I sat and remembered him also. There have been plenty of endings this year, with my parents moving and coming to terms with them being 300 miles away rather than just down the road. Lockdown and as I write lockdown mk2 about to start. The end of social gatherings and being able to nip to the crafting shop when I needed stuff to finish a project, I guess it’s back to on-line ordering and the mercy of Hermes delivery teams again.

Now as the pumpkins get chopped up for soup and Mother Nature carry’s on with her own lockdown for the winter we look forward to Yule.

But before Samhain becomes another years memory, just take a few moments and see what you have accomplished this year. The changes you’ve made to make life better, the successes you’ve celebrated, the challenges you have over come.

One of my biggest success I’ve had since Mabon is to complete some personal development shadow work. Now to understand why I’ve reacted to some situations and people has really been a blessing and I’m looking forward to moving forward with this knowledge and grow to work with it. Making steps towards really accepting and honouring your true self is never time wasted.

Moon water made with Ayer from the Holy well

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